1.5| A Friend

This season is strange to me, the cold Northern have brought me someone…a friend, if just for this season.

Jaxen asked me out to a friendly dinner so nicely, I found myself agreeing, despite my reservations…

Jaxen is an odd soul. There is something about him that seems so familiar and yet nearly everything about him is so alien to me. He dresses like a teenager but his intelligence is that of an old soul. I find myself trusting him but there’s no way I will spill my secrets. He’s just a weird young adult, that is all.

He tells fantastic jokes!

Weird or not, I enjoy his company very much. We discuss art, nature – he appreciates a lovely midnight stroll just as much as me, under the sweeping arms of the Mother’s Embrace – and he even appreciates music, although he doesn’t play. I’ve learned that he is a self-employed programmer, which explains how he is able to buy my paintings. He even asks about my inspiration for the paintings. He’s an excellent listener to boot!

“Wow, really? I’ve never seen nature quite like that.”

The only time I felt uncomfortable was when he gently asked me why I am not more famous – why don’t I take the bigger commissions, he knows people, he could help me make more money. I had to quickly come up with an excuse about how I prefer to just be a lone artist living humbly in the forest, etc. I could tell he thought it was bogus…but I cannot tell him the truth.

Once again, he is paying for my meal. He insisted, even though I profusely refused. Turns out, he already prepaid the restaurant AND pre-tipped!

This meal is fantastic, and the company is amazing. This entire outing is so surreal to me…I feel like Sally and I are two different people…maybe I could be Sally Daniels, at least with Jaxen anyway. Sally is not me, she is funny and sociable, whereas I am quiet and gloomy. Sally has a fabricated backstory, and I do not know where I am from.

He never touched his meal. Later he told me with a sheepish grin he was too enamored in the conversation.

We sat and talked well into the night, with the full moon rising high into the sky, an everlasting beacon for the night travelers.

I’ve never felt more alive than in this moment.

Eventually that outing ended and a few days later another one began, this time a dance party at the Narwhal place.

Jaxen dances far better than I do…that ghost does too!

We got down on the dance floor and boogied the night away. It was great to have a friend.

She’s still alive…

Still, my duties come by to remind me why I am here…and it is not to have fun.

For how much longer though?

This has to be the final season of this…this winter, I will have my friend, but after that, I will be alone again. It has to be this way. Doesn’t it?

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