1.9| Alone

Dance is good for the soul.

I dance to soothe my soul. This is a difficult time for me. My only friend…and our friendship ended in a terrible way.


Winter was steady, and long. Now, with no one to share the beauty of the world with, it felt hollow, and I felt broken.

Still, I had to earn my living somehow.

Art was a difficult process for me.

Sleep was a relief from this dark depression.

I just felt like sleeping. I didn’t care where. Depression was terrible thing to combat, but I would push through. I had no choice in the matter.


I didn’t see him at all. There was no contact. If he stopped by, I didn’t know. I doubt he did. It was a good thing he didn’t. Our friendship should never have happened.


But it had. It was wonderful while it lasted. Now that it is done, I am miserable.

Misery sucks.

I am alone once more.

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