Generation 3: Xialla Brooks

ATTENTION! This page has been heavily guarded for PRIVACY reasons, if you are here, then you know why. Any funny business or leaking to the military, we will find you. You know who you are.

An unexpected addition to the Brooks family

Meet Xialla Brooks, the youngest child of Andi, and her birth origins are a mystery. Many measures have been taken to protect this little girl from Andi’s strict superiors and others who may wish to harm her, therefore if you are here then you are in the know and have been granted access. Failure to upload will mean cyber security comes crashing down on you, and potentially military enforcement! You have been warned. In other words…just enjoy the posts and do not tell anyone outside of the know about this little girl. Enjoy!

3.0| A Big World

3.1| This Adventure Called ‘Life’